Field Guide

Because this project was pretty open about the media, I decided to practice the different drawing ones I had at home. This includes: Sharpie, Colored Pencil, Graphite Pencil, Charcoal, and Oil Pastel.

One Reply to “Field Guide”

  1. Angie- I love that you chose to use the different drawing devices you had a home. In navigating this weird ever-changing pandemic terrain, it seems that choosing different materials to articulate meaning is the hardest but sometimes the most rewarding thing! For example, I was pealing hardboiled eggs this morning and thought to myself, what if these egg shells could be used in a piece… literal food for thought.

    Great job asking your sisters and mother to participate, I hope that was a fun and therapeutic experience for all of you. Also, it seems that you spent the most time drawing your bear, and that it was given to you by your grandmother seems to be important. Sometimes we spend more time on the things that mean the most to us, I can see dedication in that drawing/rendition and love it.

    Keep up the solid work!


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