Color Research


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My color research was on the color Magenta. I actually learned some pretty interesting things about this color and how it is viewed. Before going into depth about the science, I want to state that William Perkins created the hue with dye and named it mauveine, later Italy recoined the color Magenta as their own.

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    An interesting concept about color itself is that it all is just perception of light. For instance, if you are looking at the color blue it only appears to be blue because it absorbs all of the wavelengths of light other than blue, making that color reflect back into your eye. What is different about Magenta is that it does not have a wavelength of light that is seen on the spectrum.

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Our brains create the color when red and blue are being admitted from the visual spectrum, It is a very unique color. Some may argue that magenta is the true primary color in replacement of red, because if you mix magenta and yellow together you can make the color red. But how can one say magenta is a primary color if it is not a natural color at all? It is not found commonly in nature and it is merely our brains interpreting blue and red in the visual spectrum. Whatever the answer may be, magenta is pretty unique and I had a fun time learning about it.

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