Color Wheel Scavenger Hunt

Yellow ^
Yellow Orange^
Red Orange^
Yellows Green^
Green ^
Blue Green^
Blue Violet^
Red Violet^

One Reply to “Color Wheel Scavenger Hunt”

  1. I’m living for the photos you took of fruit on mirror, AMAZING. I wonder what it would look like to create a series of photographs where you document all natural foods in your house, and how ‘organizing those neatly’ would look. The mirror obviously acts as a reflection of the thing, but it’s interesting to think about how mirrors become an image of whatever they reflect, thus creating a larger field of color in your photograph. I think you should play with this idea! It’s making me think of fruit still-lives, fruit as a subject, or even figure.

    On Tuesday this week in the zoom conference, we talked about how my comments will contain questions, as well as technical and conceptual feedback. In thinking about craft and/or technical issues you may want to consider ironing the drop-cloth in the background of your mirror images. The wrinkles are a bit distracting and take a way from the minute details you’ve given me, such as the strawberry leaves..

    Overall- great work! Can’t wait to see next weeks assignment!


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