Prompt 6

As the string traces the structure of my face it creates this contrast between 2D and 3D form. It allows for a sort of popart style, then being manipulated with layers and sound. Finishing with abstraction of line and movement.

original images:

One Reply to “Prompt 6”

  1. Angie– I love your interpretation of Co-labs week. While I know you focused on prompt 6 (line project) you simultaneously created a pandemic aesthetic (prompt 2), especially with that crazy weird video you created to accompany it.

    As I quarantine my day, face, and aesthetic becomes abstracted just like your images. Today feels like yesterday and tomorrow oddly feels like today. Things are repetitive, blurred, and still. I find that the only thing keeping time on schedule are colors of outfits, food, and wether or not the sun is out. This makes me look at the colorful qualities of the string on your face and find refuge, or hope in it all. I’m reminded of the material/embroidery thread that we were using in A-block and then I immediately have a rush of memories that surround that. People, places, and nothavingtowashmyhandseverysecond.

    Great work this week, honestly. I feel you took ownership of a prompt and made something uniquely YOU. Keep that up.



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