Prompt 6

As the string traces the structure of my face it creates this contrast between 2D and 3D form. It allows for a sort of popart style, then being manipulated with layers and sound. Finishing with abstraction of line and movement. original images:

Frame by Frame

So I didn’t really understand how to go about this project, I started using charcoal and sketchbook paper to capture my sister slumping After a couple hours of drawing her movements, I started to lose my mind and decided to move this project onto a canvas. I’m not sure if that was like allowed but …

Color Research

Magenta My color research was on the color Magenta. I actually learned some pretty interesting things about this color and how it is viewed. Before going into depth about the science, I want to state that William Perkins created the hue with dye and named it mauveine, later Italy recoined the color Magenta as their …

Artist Research

Claude Monet was an artist during the late 1800’s who did a lot of experimenting with color. His paintings were impressionist in that the illusion of his forms disappear the closer you get to the painting. He was a master at using brush strokes to create forms in his compositions. However, something that made him …

Field Guide

Because this project was pretty open about the media, I decided to practice the different drawing ones I had at home. This includes: Sharpie, Colored Pencil, Graphite Pencil, Charcoal, and Oil Pastel.